Pottery experience

Pottery Experience

Pottery experience in Wazuka.
¥3,500 (included tax)/person

Pottery experience

Lecturer: Atsuko Saito (over 30 years of pottery experience)

From a lecturer who is a potter
You can have fun while receiving careful and fun instruction.

【Location】 Farmhouse Accommodation Atsuan Annex, Atelier 2F surrounded by tea fields

【Time required】 Approximately 2 hours (if you have time, you can take it more slowly)

【Quantity of clay】 1 kg Maximun.

【Capacity】 Up to 6 people

【technique】 Tebineri(Hand-making): This pottery experience allows you to interact with clay and create unique pieces. By experiencing this technique, you will be able to create one-of-a-kind items that only you can make.

【Procedure】 You can create your own original work under the guidance of a potter. After that, we will do the drying, first firing, glazing, and final firing.After two to three months, you can either come to pick up the finished product or we will send it to you at your expense.

Reservations are required by the day before (please contact us).