Stay experience report

Stay Experience Report(Oct 10, 2021)

Stay Experience Report

We went to ATSUAN the Country Home in Wazuka in october 10, 2021.

The husband Tetsuji came to pick us up at JR Kamo station.

Going through mountainous road by Wazuka river about 10 minutes,

We arrived to “Country Home ATSUAN” with a lot of nature and surrounded by tea field.

It’s located in hight ground, the view is very nice and the tea field is so beautiful.


As we are going through their beautiful garden into the house.


At the entrance, shop curtain “Noren” dyed with persimmon varnish welcomes you.


There were Tetsuji-san’s Tabi shoes dyed with persimmon varnish at the entrance that he uses garden activity.

Tetsuji and Atsuko have many good friends and guests also become their good friends and people give items so the number of items is increasing. Very nice!


Going through the Noren, it’s japanese modern living space. It’s very relaxing and also feels very spacious.


And you can choose room from japanese style and western style.

It’s for only 1 group a day limited hospitality, that is very luxurious!

Both rooms are very nice, which one to choose…

And also they have wonderful special natural organic cotton sheets.

Dinner is their handmade warm food.

Main is special select pork hot pot, with Appetizer and desert.

Atsuko-san is also a professional potter, she has wonderful special plates as well.



Pottery studio annex 1st floor is modern japanese restaurant space,  you can enjoy the Atsuko’s food with Tetsuji’s special sake also enjoy the conversation with them.

Before the Covid, many guests from other countries came to visit.

Although Atsuko and Tetsuji speak only Japanese, they communicate with heart, so they have more and more friends over the world.  They say they plan to visit their friends after the Covid calms down.


After enjoying the food and after-tea, we finally decided to stay in traditional japanese style room. 

This is our first time with organic cotton beddings, it’s very soft and smooth very nice! 

Atsuko and Tetsuji use organic cotton also, and they recommend what they love to their guests and friends.  It’s very sweet of them!


We slept very good!

“Country Home ATSUAN” is surrounded by the nature, we felt super relaxed!

We woke up in the morning, walked around the garden, there was tea field in front of us!

That was very nice! And also there was vegetable garden in the back, some of the vegetable we had last night came from here.   

Walking around, we got hungry. It’s breakfast time! 

Very nice breakfast with a lot of varieties of dishes.  

We enjoyed the riches of white rice and appreciating that we can enjoy japanese food so casually in Japan.

Next, let’s try pottery experience!


“Country Home ATSUAN” pottery studio is second floor of the restaurant we had dinner last night. 

Going up to upstairs, there was a space there you can relax and focus on pottery.

Atsuko has more than 30 years of pottery experience, she also gives pottery class in neighbor cities.

She wants to provide pottery class to the guests as well.

This is the only place you can experience pottery. Thank you!!


Start with 1kg of clay, let’s make a vase!

Atsuko recommended us the “hand twist” that you can use creativity and not possible for mass production.


Starting from the bottom base with “rope”.


Atsuko taught us very nicely!

It’s looking good!


The model was sigle flower vase, it’s very close to the model.

This vase is the only one in the world.

Playing with clay is a lot of fun!

We are looking forward to finish product. Drying, first baking, painting and final baking and complete.

We also made a incense stand with leftover clay.  


2 hours past so quick, we forgot the time. That was a lot of fun!!


Town of WAzuka is also famous and known to be the first deep tea tourism place in Japan.  

If you want to find popular English tea tour, click here.


We enjoyed so much of ” Country Home ATSUAN”.

They say there are so many “Repeaters”, but yes we understand why. Very satisfying!

We will be back! Thank you so much!!!