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20 Shirasu Nakatani Wazuka-cho Soraku-gun Kyoto prefecture

By train and Nara-kotsu bus via JR Kamo (transfer)

・From JR Kyoto station:JR NARA line~Kizu station(transfer)~Yamatoji line~Kamo station

・From JR Osaka station:Kizu station(transfer)~Yamatoji line~Kamo station

・From Kansai international airport:JR Kansai airport station~JR Tennoji station(transfer)JR Yamatoji line〜Kamo station

From JR Kamo station West exit by the local bus towards Wazuka Kosugi(和束小杉行き)(Nara-kotsu bus)~Wazuka Yamano-ie bus stop (bus stop with LAWSON)

From the bus stop, cross the bridge on the right~at a fork follow the road to the left about 2 km straight between tea farms, there is a guide plate “ATSUAN” “篤庵”.
The road is narrow and steep 50m ahead arriving to ATSUAN.

※ JR Kamo station west exit bus stop:The local bus towards Wazuka Kosugi is about every 1 hour

※ Please contact us after arriving at JR Kamo station.
※ Contact is TEL(080-3470-5530), please.

By car

From Kyoto:R24~Kizugawa city~R163:6km for Iga-ueno〜prefectual R5(For Shigaraki)~approximately 6Km~there is LAWSON, cross the bridge to the left
Wazuka cafe mae~sports park~approximately2km, there is a fork towards Ide town, 50m from the fork, there is a guide plate “篤庵” “ATSUAN” on the right.
※Parking lot:5 cars
※The roads in Wazuka are mountainous and narrow. Please drive safely.

Neighborhood guide

1st area of Kyoto Landscape heritage:Ishitera・Erihara・Kamatsuka・Harayama area

Teatopia Wazuka produces about 45% of tea leaves under Kyoto prefecture. in 2008, This beautiful landscape was registered in the 1st Kyoto prefecture landscape heritage area.
after the registration, people coming to see this beautiful landscape and experience tea have been increasing little by little.
We are very happy that people from far  come to Wazuka and get to know excellence of the tea.

Wazuka Autumn scene:Shohoji-temple Autumn

Shohoji-temple is very well known for Autumn colored leaves located in the centre of Wazuka. The tea farms through Maple tree and Ginkgo tree tell that “this is the Teatopia Wazuka”.

Asaka-shinno’s Imperial mausoleum:Shomu emperor second child Imperial mausoleum of the prince

Asaka-shinno is a second child of Shomu emperor and died at the age of 17.(Sick or poisoned…)
For the prince who loved the road connect Nara’s capital Heijo-kyo and Shigarakinomiya residence, it’s said to have mausoleum here in Wazuka. Ootomono-yakamochi is vassal of the prince and left a poem of him in memory of the prince in Manyoshu.