Greeting from Atsuko and Tetsuji

ATSUAN is a country home that was established in July, 2019 by Atsuko and Tetsuji who moved to Wazuka from Kyoto city in Oct 2008. ATSUAN is with concept of private exclusive guest house for only 1 group of guests a day where guests can relax from heart.

We would like to provide a place for people who have busy city life and people can forget the time in guest house with Wazuka’s special tea farm. We have the concept of like second house, getting energized from the nature and go back refreshed.

The Wazuka town we love very much, also produces Japanese tea which is japan’s one of the most important cultures and the world can have the feeling its diversity. taste and aroma, seeing and tea farmers’ work, the view and feeling the atmosphere.



Although there are severe situations such as the  corona virus pan

demic, by continuing the business of Farm guest house ATSUAN for a long time, we can show the charm of the area to each guest in a relaxed, fun and deep manner, and recognize Wazuka and Wazuka tea brand. We would like to contribute to the improvement of the economic development of the region.


ATSUAN’s Special

Tetsuji has owned tool shop for about 30 years, he was looking for a house to enjoy country life with his wife Atsuko and Wazuka was the one. So he purchased an old japanese house and made into Classic Japanese style house. They made a house very joyful little by little, its very enjoyable with tea farms and feeling the nature.

 Atsuko’s homemade heartful cousine with a lot of local ingredients and special made for delicious and healthy.

 Atsuko is also a professional potter and she has her own creation and provides pottery experience in Atsuan. Dishes used in breakfast and dinner are her creations. Her cook and her creation are very beautiful and enjoyable.

 ATSUAN’s strong point is that ATSUAN is managed by heartful hospitality wife and husband, so people all around the world can come, relax and enjoy it despite of language barrier. It has been 2 years officially open as farm guest house (include the Covid pandemic period), We have welcomed more than 400 guests, many of their voices are very satisfied and happy.

   Here is their voices

 Looking for amazing country life experience・second home, we are waiting for you!!

 We are very much looking forward to your visit.

Country Home ATSUAN Atsuko・Tetsuji